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Hire a webmaster that actually cares, responds, anticipates. Boost growth with an up-to-date, super-charged website!

  • Prevent issues that could hamper production.
  • Keep your website fresh, engaging and safe for more appointments and referrals.
  • Say goodbye to unreliable vendors! We monitor your website, answer your questions and respond quickly to requests — guaranteed.
  • BONUS! Get a ReadOurNews!™ patient blog for your website — with fresh, engaging content (included with select plans)!
Clifford Yurman
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Whether you are looking for someone to liaise with your existing marketing agency, or directly manage your website, or build a fresh website from scratch, we’re dedicated to fulfilling your vision, responding quickly, and delivering successful outcomes for your practice or organization.

Contact us today for a brief look at your current website and a discussion of your future needs and goals.

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The right webmaster can turn your dental website into a patient magnet!

Dental Patient Promotion

Enhance your image, boost engagement…

Looking to keep your dental practice website more engaging, safer and more profitable? Looking for the right webmaster to take the wheel? You came to the right place!

Unlike some dental marketing vendors, we actually care about the success of your website…

  • Our mission is high quality and speedy response to client needs and requests — we cap our client roster to actual capacity.
  • We update, enhance and maximize your website’s words and images to boost impact.
  • Leverage content on social media and in email blasts!
  • Security is a priority — Want to keep your website safe for visitors? We’re on it.

Less disappointment, less effort, better quality. Click below for a free evaluation of your website!

Countdown to a more profitable website! 10…9…8…

No. 10 – Proper regulatory compliance, less worry!

Reviewing your entire website for possible rule violations can be a headache. We help ensure your content is in proper compliance with pertinent bodies, such as HIPAA and GDPR.

No. 9 – Social proof for improved online reputation!

We aim to maximize your practice’s status and reputation. We’ll work with you to highlight your affiliations, reviews, community contributions and certifications.

No. 8 – More security, fewer online complaints!

Cyberattacks that attempt to corrupt or control your website can occur by the hundreds every hour of every day. As your webmaster, we’ll make sure your site is as secure as possible.

No. 7 – Better visual design makes a big difference!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some websites just scream for improvement. We”ll make sure your site puts its best foot forward with better, more user-friendly design.

No. 6 – Patient email outreach made easy.

Emails are great for staying on your patients’ radar — but what do you say to them, blast after blast? Our fresh blog content makes it easy to deliver exciting, new email blasts in less time.

No. 5 – Consistent branding makes you memorable.

Old logos and photos, inconsistent font types, too many graphic styles — they can make your website, and your practice, look dated and out of touch. Ongoing refreshes can help.  

No. 4 – Calls-to-action produce better results.

A major goal of any practice website is to get people to contact you. Our web content ties great information with your practice’s offerings and a call-to-action to produce results.

No. 3 – Mobile-friendly layouts reduce bounce rates.

Websites are often designed to look great on a laptop screen, but lose their effectiveness on a phone (or vice-versa). We’ll make adjustments to ensure you look great on any device.

No. 2 – Sparkling, SEO-friendly website content!

We’ll do a thorough review of your website copy to make it shine like never before. Ongoing copy and image improvements will keep your web visitors coming back for more.

 No. 1 – Great user experience equals profitability.

Putting it all together — security, social proof, mobile- and SEO-friendliness, attractiveness and relevance will take your website to a whole other level of profitability. We’ll help you do it.  

I have worked with Media Consulting for quite a few years now. Cliff and his company have been the best web developers and SEO for my practice.

I have used 3 other web professionals with poor to average results. Cliff has been willing to try new and unique Internet marketing and branding strategies. He has also guided my practice in other platforms such as webinars, podcasts, and YouTube channels.

My practice has tried almost every marketing/advertising avenue there is. What has worked best in my area (greater Chicago and suburbs) to attract patients is our website, SEO, and Newsletter created by Media Consulting.”

John J. Kelly, DDS

Owner, John J. Kelly, DDS

The Big Q & A


Dental Webmasters  is a part of Media Consulting Services, with over 25 years in healthcare communications and media, and specializing in the dental vertical since 2009. MCS is dedicated to providing insightful care of dental-related websites. The difference is in personalized client relationships and going beyond what is expected or promised.

Why should we choose Dental Webmasters?

Dental Webmasters™  is part of Media Consulting Services, with over 25 years in healthcare communications, specializing in the dental vertical since 2009.

MCS is dedicated to providing insightful growth and improvement of dental-related websites. The difference is in personalized client relationships and going beyond what is expected or promised.

How does it work?

As your webmaster, our mission is to…

  • Improve your website’s effectiveness as a selling tool
  • – Provide an engaging resource for your patients
  • – Maximize user experience
  • – Save time and money

Participate in the process to whatever degree makes sense — tell us what to do or leave everything to us. We’ll be there to respond quickly to your requests for copy and image changes, or to integrate external programs and software.

We’ll also apply a number of high-end tools and techniques to maximize SEO “juice” and monitor website security.

What does it cost?

As your webmaster, our goal is to maximize the return on your website investment, as well as save time and money for you and your staff.

All estimates are customized based on an initial consultation and will be submitted as part of a detailed proposal.

Webmaster services

Generally, clients are charged a fixed monthly fee for all webmaster services described in our proposal. The monthly fee covers labor up to a designated maximum number of hours. (Additional hours may be billed, depending upon the workload, but generally, this is not necessary.)

New websites

If you like, we can work with your current website, web host and software. Alternatively, we can design and build an entirely new website for your practice. A separate estimate will be provided for these services. Our aim is to get you up and running as soon as possible (AND to be thrilled with the results!).

Can you explain bonus services?

Dental practices post pictures of their offices, their patients and their private lives – but there is often just not enough time to do it frequently, or at all.

ReadOurNews! is the “marketing backstop” practices need to ensure there is content flow for a strong and relevant digital presence. We offer proprietary content that automatically posts to your website’s blog, email blasts and social media pages.

ReadOurNews!™ is included in premium subscriptions.

Is there an upgrade path with more services?

ReadOurNews!™ Pro is the upgrade path from our standard service. With ReadOurNews!™ Pro, your get a separate customized blogsite and our proprietary content instead of links to external news sources. With ReadOurNews!™ Pro, we do all the eNewsletter prep and Social Media posts for you, saving you even more time. Contact us for details!

What else is unique?

Premium service plans include a monthly blog with fresh content designed to engage patients and prospects when they visit your website.

In addition, blog posts may be used in patient emails and on social media. We can provide distribution for you, or you can post and send email blasts, yourself — your choice.

If desired, premium plans also include a handy patient review system that helps you display and distribute reviews to your social media pages – automatically.

Hear from our dental clients…

“When MCS sends our newsletter out to patients, all I know is that we receive comments within a short period of time that say “great newsletter” or we get nice reviews through their system.

They are passionate about our practice and our specialities. Highly recommended.”

Howard Hindin, DDS

Owner, The Hindin Center

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