“Engaging online with patients and prospects takes too much time!”

NOT ANYMORE! Introducing ReadOurNews!™ — the new standard in effortless dental patient promotion services. We deliver…

  • A Dental Blog with our own professionally written content!
  • Customized eNewsletters sent to patients!
  • Great content posted to your Social Media pages!

Best of all, our dental marketing services are reliable and hands-free — we do all the work!

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Effortless promotion for dental practice growth.

Dental Patient Promotion

“How do I engage with patients and prospects (without all the work)?

Any web expert will tell you: Providing great content to your patients and prospects drives awareness and patient retention. ReadOurNews! does this cost-effectively and best of all, with no extra work for you or your staff!

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Hear from our dental clients…

“We just renewed our contract with MCS!  The e-Newsletter is a beautifully crafted & professional addition to our website and our social media sites.

I highly recommend MCS to manage online Social Media Marketing. They respond quickly and efficiently by phone, and/or happy to make an office visit to discuss or promote our practice.

Unlike many online marketing & SEO firms who are faceless businesses more interested in the “sale” of a promotion package, Cliff Yurman and associates are individuals with integrity & commitment.

We give MCS the highest recommendation. We trust his judgment and are very proud to display his work in association with our practice.”

Scott Fine, DDS

Practice Owner, Fine Dental New York

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BEFORE ReadOurNews!

  • Besides appointment reminders, patients hear nothing from you.
  • Absence on social media: “Are they still in business?”
  • Stale practice website: “How old is this thing?”
  • Competitors pick away at your patient base.

AFTER ReadOurNews!

  • Patients see your brand, hear from you on a regular basis!
  • Your social media pages are packed with shareable content!
  • Your website looks up-to-date with fresh content posted automatically!
  • Wow! More appointments!
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How It Works: 4 powerful tactics to reach and acquire patients!


eNewsletters are now the standard for effective Patient Engagement!

  • Attractive eNewsletter sent to your patients each month!
  • Get your practice name in front of patients more frequently!
  • Send through your own PCM (Lighthouse, etc.), email program (Constant Contact, etc.) or let us do it for you.
  • Tell your audience about special promotions or practice news. We’ll include it in your email – no additional cost!
  • We do all the heavy lifting – no work required!

eNewsletters have the highest Effectiveness Score of any promotional medium!

(Source: Content Marketing Institute/Marketing Profs Study)

Patient Newsletter Services

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