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“A dental blog? Patient newsletters? Social media? They take too much time … don’t they?”


Introducing ReadOurNews!™ — the easy way to engage with patients and prospects — and build awareness loyalty and referrals. Here’s what you get with our Standard Plan…

  • An attractive, informative Dental Blog page on your website with the best, freshest curated content!
  • Easily display content in your patient eNewsletters!
  • Great content for your Social Media pages — no research!
  • Custom-designed promotional insert included!

Dental blogging for dental practice growth.

Dental Patient Promotion

“How do I find and share great dental content with patients (minus all the work)?

If you’re a dentist who understands the importance of engaging with patients outside of the office but doesn’t have the time, try ReadOurNews!™ and get results — with little or no effort!

Hear from our dental clients...

"The blog is a beautifully crafted & professional addition to our website.

I highly recommend ReadOurNews! They respond quickly and efficiently.

Unlike many online marketing & SEO firms who are faceless businesses more interested in the “sale” of a promotion package, Cliff Yurman and associates are individuals with integrity and commitment.

We give Read Our News the highest recommendation. We trust their judgment and are very proud to display their work in association with our practice."

Scott Fine, DDS

Practice Owner, Fine Dental New York

“What do we get with a ReadOurNews!™ subscription?”

Dedicated Blog Page!

A customized blog page on your website with recent, relevant dental content — inform and impress patients and prospects! MORE

Patient eNewsletters

A hassle-free way to send customized eNewsletters to your patients and prospects. Just paste our news widget into your email blast and go! MORE

Blog Teaser

Keep them engaged longer! Direct website visitors to your blog. Place our custom-designed insert on your home page or all pages! MORE

Instant Social Media

Save time finding great content! Just copy and paste our links onto Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin for instant engagement! MORE

BEFORE ReadOurNews!™

dental blog spokesperson

  • You tried maintaining a blog on your website, but you gave up. So, now, there’s only one entry — from 2014.
  • Patients don’t see your brand, hear from you.
  • Absence on social media and no newsletters since forever: “Are they still in business?”
  • Other dentists in the area look way better.

AFTER ReadOurNews!™

dental blog spokesperson
  • Your website looks up-to-date with fresh content posted regularly!
  • Patients see your brand, hear from you more often!
  • Your social media pages are packed with shareable content!
  • You’re the envy of your peers!

Dedicated Blog Page

The core of patient and prospect engagement is great content!

Your new blog can be the source, saving you time and money searching for and preparing content.

  • Our editors track down the latest dental content from reputable sources and assemble it in an engaging blog format.
  • Professional-looking, customizable designs!
  • Expertly-written content titles and descriptions!
  • One simple code snippet installs in minutes!
  • Free installation, or ask your webmaster or designer – hassle free!
  • Want to add your own content? Send us the link and we’ll review and publish it for you!

Patient eNewsletters

If you like to send eNewsletters to your patients, we’ve got you covered.

The hardest part of sending an eNewsletter is gathering and organizing interesting content. Not anymore!

  • We load your curated blog posts into a formatted widget each month!
  • Simply copy and paste the widget into your preferred email program and go!
  • Our widget works on any PCM (Lighthouse, Solution Reach, etc.), email program (Constant Contact, etc.) or let us do it for you! (upgrade to ReadOurNews! PRO).

eNewsletters have the highest Effectiveness Score of any promotional medium!

(Source: Content Marketing Institute/Marketing Profs Study)

Blog Teaser

Dental News Your Can Use!


Want to direct website visitors to your new dental blog?

This optional insert lets visitors know you’ve got an up-to-date dental blog on your site! They’ll just click the button to be directed to the blog page or section.

  • We’ll design one just for you!
  • Customized messaging!
  • Button links to your blog for more time on your site (great for SEO)!

Instant Social Media

Social Media Posting Services

Use the content from your blog to share on your Social Media pages!

Being a ReadOurNews!™ subscriber means always having great content on hand to post to Social Media!

  • Save hours finding the right content!
  • Simply copy the link from your blog and paste into a new post. Copy the professionally written item description or compose your own!
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, more!
  • Updgrade to ReadOurNews!™ Pro and we’ll post for you!

Hear from our dental clients…

“I have been working with Media Consulting for quite a few years now. Cliff and his company have been the best web developers and SEO for my practice.

I have used 3 other web professionals with poor to average results. Cliff has been willing to try new and unique Internet marketing and branding strategies. He has also guided my practice in other platforms such as webinars, podcasts, and youtube channels.

My practice has tried almost every marketing/advertising avenue there is. What has worked best in my area (greater Chicago and suburbs) to attract patients is our website, SEO, and Newsletter created by Cliff and Media Consulting.”

John J. Kelly, DDS

Owner, John J. Kelly, DDS

Dental Marketing FAQ

Can I post my own articles to the blog?

Absolutely! Send us an email with the link and we’ll take it from there!

Why is patient communications so important?

Last year, COVID-19 closed dental offices, preventing patients from visiting.  Dentist learned the critical importance of staying in contact with patients, and attracting new prospects.

Frequent patient communications – providing useful, quality content – helps keep patients focused on your practice, creating a feeling of inclusion. The small investment can pay off handsomely in greater patient loyalty and referrals!

Engaging with patients now is a great precaution against future business disruptions.

If our practice chooses ReadOurNews!, does this mean, we don't have to do anything else on social media?

Dental practices post pictures of their offices, their patients and their private lives – but often, there is just not enough time to do it frequently.

ReadOurNews!™ is the “marketing backstop” practices need to ensure that there is enough content flow to have a strong and relevant digital presence.

What is the difference between ReadOurNews!™ and ReadOurNews!™ Pro?

ReadOurNews!™ Pro is the upgrade path from our standard service. With ReadOurNews!™ Pro, your get a separate customized blogsite and our proprietary content instead of links to external news sources. With ReadOurNews!™ Pro, we do all the eNewsletter prep and Social Media posts for you, saving you even more time. 

Can I upgrade without losing money on the initial subscription?

Absolutely! You can upgrade at any time and we’ll prorate the charge. No worries!

Why do I have to post articles by hand?

The ReadOurNews!™ service gives you customized images, titles and descriptions to display on your blog and newsletters, but social media channels like Facebook don’t allow you to post images other than those from the original source. So the best way to post links to articles not your own is manually. If you would like automatic posting, upgrade to ReadOurNews™ PRO!.

Want a human voice? Call (347) 349-5301 for a free consult! 

Hear from our dental clients…

“When MCS sends our newsletter out to patients, all I know is that we receive comments within a short period of time that say “great newsletter” or we get nice reviews through their system.

Cliff and his company are passionate about our practice and our specialities. Highly recommended.”

Howard Hindin, DDS

Owner, The Hindin Center

You can’t afford to be silent.

Patient Engagement

SIMPLE FACT: The more you reach out to patients, the more they’ll return and refer.

Yes, you have a loyal patient base, but not every patient remembers and refers you. You need to be on their radar, or they may wander. 

That’s why engagement tactics, such as Blogging, Social Media and eNewsletters, are not just a “nice-to-have”, they’re essential for staying competitive.

“We really have no time for this.”


You’re not alone! Health care practices, large and small, rarely have the time to blog, email and post interesting content.

That’s why we developed ReadOurNews!™ – for savvy practices that understand the crucial importance of patient engagement but cannot fit the work into their busy schedule.

Once in place, our system is absolutely effortless. Guaranteed!

We know, we know…

dental marketing

Promoting your practice is a lot like broccoli … you’re pretty sure it’s good for you, you just don’t buy it.

Isn’t now a great time to start keeping your practice healthy? (The broccoli we’ll leave up to you).

Have questions about your dental marketing plan? We're all ears!

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